Coral White


Coral White | Sierra Equine

Coral White | Sierra Equine

Dr. White was born and raised in Santa Cruz, CA. Her love for horses started at a young age when she attended a birthday pony party in pre-school at a local boarding stable. Shortly after she began taking riding lessons at the stable. At the age of five she got her first horse, a Welsh-appaloosa cross pony named Amigo. Amigo turned out to be a wild and unruly pony that taught Dr. White many of her first horsemanship lessons.​

Her stepfather who came from a cattle ranching family in Livermore, CA introduced her to rodeo and her passion quickly bloomed. Dr. White competed in rodeo from the junior rodeo level all the way up to the intercollegiate and amateur pro rodeo levels. She competed in every event from poles and barrels to breakaway roping, team roping and even a little bit of cutting.​

Initially, Dr. White began her undergraduate degree at UC Davis planning to attend human medical school. Shortly after starting her first year, she quickly realized she was not as passionate about human medicine as some of her classmates and was wishing she was taking more animal science classes like her roommate. She switched majors from biology to animal science, got a job with a local mixed animal vet, as well as a job in a research lab working on an equine genetics project, and pursued veterinary school.​

Dr. White received her DVM from UC Davis Veterinary Medical School and then completed her intern doctor year at LBEMC.​

Her professional interests include: General practice, preventative medicine, reproduction, lameness and emergency care.​

Outside of the clinic she loves to go roping, workout at the gym, and spend time with her husband Luke and their two yellow labs, Maggie and Woodrow.​