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20% of horses in a herd contribute 80% of the parasites on a given farm. Identifying the 20% (high shedders) is critical to effective management.

Strategic Deworming, an intelligent approach

Sierra Equine veterinarians are fully committed to implementing a change in deworming. We have changed our focus from killing adult worms in horses to reducing parasite reproduction and environmental contamination. The best practice and the most sustainable deworming begins with a fecal egg count to determine parasite burden. Administering the correct dewormer, at the correct dosage to the horse that needs it will limit the number of times a year deworming takes place.

Sierra Equine now performs fecal analyses and will advise you on the best deworming for your horse, on your farm. This strategic approach results in many less treatments a year and an overall cost savings to you.

Read about the best way to submit a fecal sample.

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