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I have raised show Morgan horses for over 10 years, requiring a multitude of veterinary services and skills; from artificial insemination, foal care, dental and vaccination services, to lameness diagnosis and treatment, pre-purchase examinations, emergency services etc. Dr. McRae (and his assistant Lori Gould) ) have not only met my equine needs but consistently exceeded expectations. He's been available (day and night), shared wisdom and guidance for show horses being treated away at show barns, encouraged me during long and difficult equine rehabilitation, exhibited enthusiasm with the birth of the most beautiful fillies and kept track of timely vaccinations and treatment protocol. Under his expert guidance, my show breeding program has been successful, respected and my horses healthy and happy.
~ Linda Sheridan, DDS, ABO

Wellness: Helping you take excellent care of your horse

Focusing on wellness moves our attention from reaction to prevention. Becoming aware of tendencies or potential problems allows you to make choices before a problem becomes more serious.

A thorough annual exam and consultation, with attention to overall health, is important for all horses and essential for the aging horse, the performance horse and the breeding horse. While it won’t eliminate every emergency, many undetected problems can be avoided with an annual wellness exam. Our wellness services focus on maintaining health.

Our Wellness and Preventive Services:
Do you have an injured or ill horse? Click for information about our illness, injury, and emergency services.
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