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Lesley Deutsch, then and now
I have been fortunate for over 20 years now to claim Sierra Equine as the only clinic to treat my and my client's horses at Blue Fountain Farm. Mike has always been there for us, and for our horses, no matter the hour or the conditions, to dispense his valued veterinary wisdom. Thanks, guys!
~ Lesley Deutsch
Owner, Trainer and Photographer
Blue Fountain Farm

Acute and Chronic Medical Conditions

Our approach is traditional, western and progressive. We seek positive results. Some diseases are cured with medicine, others require long term management. And when it’s appropriate, we work collaboratively with complementary care providers.

We have had success in eliminating old problems like sarcoids with localized chemotherapeutic agents. Plasma transfusions, local chemotherapy with implants, ocular lavage and regional limb profusions are just a few of our latest field treatments. There is new understanding of metabolic disorders like Cushing’s disease and Insulin Resistance along with new treatment options. Equine medicine is a fast changing discipline.

Whether your horse is acutely ill or suffers from a chronic condition, we partner with you to reach a positive outcome.

The Horse magazine maintains an excellent site for articles on equine health including acute and chronic illnesses.

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