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I am a farrier who has worked with Dr McRae and Sierra Equine vets for the past 25 years. It is rare to find a veterinarian as skilled as Dr McRae in diagnosing equine lameness. Dr McRae is very knowledgeable in the farrier practice and which corrective shoeing therapies are available for horses. I have always found Dr McRae to be good in discussing what we both feel would be the best corrective shoeing for your horse.
~ Mark Murnan, Farrier

Equine Lameness

Sometime in the life of your horse, it is likely he will come up lame. It could be anything from foot abscess to a serious injury. We pride ourselves on knowing the difference!

The Lameness Exam : Because your horse can’t tell us where he hurts, we perform a thorough and methodical lameness exam, often using local diagnostic anesthesia (blocks) to pin point the origin. Digital radiography and ultrasound inform us of the underlying injury or pathology. There are many, many approaches to lameness prevention, management and/or treatment; Corrective shoeing, systemic medications, joint injections, surgery, conditioning, and the latest in regenerative medicine. We seek to find the treatment that will fit for you and your horse.

New directions in treating lameness

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