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Sharma and Tahoe, Whiskeytown Endurance 2013
Tahoe is a two-time Tevis finisher who has been cared for by Sierra Equine veterinarians for the past 5 years. This year, Tahoe sustained a life-threatening injury “horsing around at home,” on a Sunday evening. Dr. Mike McRae came over in a flash. Using his expertise as “the leg man,” Mike evaluated, treated and prepared Tahoe for the drive to UC Davis and emergency surgery. Dr. McRae’s quick response and expert field treatment, as well as the care Tahoe received at UC Davis, resulted in a successful outcome! Dr. McRae definitely helped Tahoe beat the odds and I now have my wonderful endurance horse back. By next year, we’ll be ready to compete again.
~ Sharma Gaponoff

The Sierra Equine ambulatory vet arrives with a virtual field hospital at your ranch. As progressive practioners, an accurate diagnosis is our first priority and will lead to effective treatment. From blood panels to DNA identification of pathogens and allergy testing, we access the best tests, labs and consultants in veterinary medicine. Many advanced medicine treatments can be administered on site.

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