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Preparing to show a horse take months or even years and is usually over in a few short moments. Dentistry is just one component. Dr Mike McRae takes great care when he floats the teeth of all the horses in my barn. I am happy to say that my show horses have a great bit seat and my other horses teeth are done just right from the youngest to the eldest. When I have a horse for sale, the veterinarian vetting the horse always says what a great job you have done on their teeth! I appreciate all the care you take and my horses do to.
~ Ally Hicks
Star Equine Boarding and Training
Penn Valley

Equine Dentistry

Good equine dentistry begins with a thorough oral exam and utilizes modern equipment and techniques. The goal is to optimize feed utilization, reduce pain within the mouth and improve bit responsiveness.

Sierra Equine vets use state-of-the-art motorized equipment, irrigated to protect your horses’ teeth. Appropriate sedation keeps your horse comfortable. Corrections are tailored to your horse’s job and carefully administered.

Beginning with the youngster, before you put a bit in his mouth, every horse should receive a dental exam each year, throughout their lives. Treatment will vary and depend on the equine’s job, age and dental conformation.

When appropriate, we use digital radiographs for evaluation of the teeth and sinus cavities.

Some general veterinary problems begin in the mouth. Why would you have anyone but a veterinarian perform dentisty on your horse? Afterall,the health of your horse includes the health of his mouth.
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